American Working Farmcollie Association

Shepherd of the Flock’s Best Crazy Lou 64 PRG English Shepherd

August 2nd, 2004
Reproductive Status
38 lbs.
Barbara Miketta
Lindlar Germany
Crazy has the most experience with sheep.  She is a natural low heeler who also uses an upright dominant stare to coerce her stock.  She enforces the rules on the other pack members and has guarded her owners’ back when dealing with bulls.  In the spring a flock of crows descended upon a newborn lamb, pecking at its navel.  Crazy came upon the situation, chased the crows away and called for help.  She stayed with the lamb through all its treatment until it was returned to its mother in the pasture.
She a very soft dog who stays home and is friendly to strangers.  She has no interest in pest control or treeing prey.

Granddaughter of:

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