American Working Farmcollie Association

4J Acres Sandy 73 PRGN English Shepherd/Rough Collie

September 10th, 2005
Reproductive Status
55 lbs.
Rebecca Bradley
Troup TX
Sandy works on a cow, goat, and poultry farm. She herds when needed and is content to hang out around the farm until duty calls. She is great at trailering cattle and will sometimes grip on the heel, neck, or nose to accomplish the task. She will round up strays when needed. She can be a bit too harsh for the poultry but will cease and desist on command of her master. She sometimes crouches when herding, uses dominance behaviors and barks often.
She will tree squirrels and chases rabbits off the property. She is a willing fighter when faced with large or vicious prey. She takes her responsibility seriously and works intently.
She is somewhat independent-minded and will work when needed without instruction, but when working with her master she will gladly accept commands. She is loyal, protective and likes to have everything in its place.

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