American Working Farmcollie Association

Blacksheep Kermit’s Flame 102 PRGN English Shepherd

Call Name
April 3rd, 2006
Reproductive Status
Tish Toren
Rock Stream NY
Piggy works sheep, goats, cattle, equines, and poultry, She’s good on all stock but very bossy and likes the larger stock better. Piggy is an intense “bossy older sibling” type, always ready to crack the whip when the opportunity presents itself- “mom said to do it so you better do it NOW!”
She grips on the heel hock or nose and Piggy varies the intensity of her grip appropriately for the type of livestock. She is very gentle with the lambs and will get as tough as needed to get the job done!
Piggy hunts pests constantly and never backs down from larger prey. She also uses her tracking skills to problem solve.
She is very gentle with and protective of livestock and especially babies and children. She always has your back! Piggy is always alert to anything amiss and returns escapees to their proper pens.
She is not overtly friendly to strange people, and sounds the alert, but calls off immediately and is willing to join the welcome committee.

This one sounds top of the line, PRGN
Sue Hogan

Sounds like a classic ES in every area…Great dog! PRGN…
Judy Bates

Granddaughter of:

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