American Working Farmcollie Association

Cimarron Rustler 52 PRGN English Shepherd

November 30th, 2002
Reproductive Status
75 lbs.
Elaine Reynolds
Felt OK
Rusty is an affectionate dog with a huge sense of responsibility.  He is highly intelligent with a winning sense of humor which makes him a joy to live with.  He takes care of everything and acts to keep order.  Although he is not formally trained in herding, if the turkeys get out he drives them back to the pen.  He is gentle with the turkeys and ducks and tries not to startle them.
He likes to hunt rodents but is more interested in driving them than in killing them. The farm is off the beaten path and there are few visitors.  When someone he does not know arrives, he announces them loudly.  No one has ever gotten out of the vehicle until his master comes and says it is OK, then Rusty is ready to greet them with the same degree of welcome he senses from his master.

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