American Working Farmcollie Association

Brink’s Molly Jo 54 PRG English Shepherd

January 15th, 1993
Reproductive Status
52 lbs.
Marcia King-Brink
Ogden IA
Molly is a bossy dog who lives to please her master.  She is an excellent herder, capable of fetching sheep and horses from the pasture on command.  She can also walk among poultry without disturbing them.  She has guarded her master from the sheep so the master could work in the barn.  She is an upright worker with a lot of drive.  Molly is very interested in baby animals.  She will stand over the moms and babies if she has access and will occasionally try to steal the lambs away.
She is accepting of strange dogs and animals on her territory, although she has a preference for dogs from herding breeds.  She is not interested in crittering or chasing, but she uses her nose to track.  Molly spends time tracking where the mama cat has stashed her litter of kittens and alerts her master to their presence.  She is an opinionated dog who can be gritty with the stock, but she is sensitive to her master’s approval.  Molly gets along with other dogs and is cautious but friendly with strange people.

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