American Working Farmcollie Association

Chesney’s Dusty Miller 51 PRGN English Shepherd

February 28th, 2005
Reproductive Status
65 lbs.
Sheryl Chesney
spartanburg SC
Miller is an intense herder who grips often and uses dominance behaviors to control the livestock.  He stares down animals who do not obey his will.  He runs to check on the kid goats when one bleats out.   The does do not trust him as they do the other dogs and will chase him out of the stall; he does not retaliate as he would if he were herding them.  It takes Miller several days to accept new stock as pack members and strange dogs are not permitted near the barn and particularly the kidding area.
Miller barks treed and is particularly adept at killing ferocious critters.  He hunts and kills rodents.  He is a calm, steady dog who announces the arrival of strangers and will let anyone pet him after they have been accepted.  He is a delight with children and seeks their company.  He wants to please but sometimes fails to take direction when the action gets exciting.  He is opinionated on how to accomplish a task, but once he learns the proper method, he is completely dependable.

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