American Working Farmcollie Association

Chesney’s Stephenson Robbie 141 PRGN English Shepherd

September 22nd, 2003
Health Clearances
Penn Hip .43/.29
Reproductive Status
Rini Stephenson
Willis VA
Robbie works cattle and lives with poultry and domestic rabbits without bothering them. He drives rather than gathers and is responsive to his owner’s commands. Robbie only works when needed and runs right up to the stock and barks and sometimes nips.
He has never had baby livestock to bond to. He might well be a great guardian but the information given is inadequate.
Robbie barks when he has treed prey and remains there for a period of time, barking periodically until someone goes to him. He is very good at eliminating vermin.
Robbie is very bonded to his people and will ignore or be aloof with strangers.

Sounds like an interesting character!
~Judy Bates

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