American Working Farmcollie Association

Cimarron Jesse Stone 137 PRGN English Shepherd

September 29th, 2009
Reproductive Status
60 lbs.
Elaine Reynolds, Cimarron English Shepherds
Felt OK
Jesse lives with chickens guineas, and sheep.  He is a very devoted dog with a strong sense of the rules and a strong desire to please.  He loves staying home and being in charge of the farm.
He seldom barks when herding, only works when needed and has a beautiful outrun and herding instinct.  He seldom grips when herding, often returns escapees to their proper pen and sometimes barks to alert people to escapees.
Jesse loves to enforce the rules on his charges, keeping them where they belong in the daily routine.
Pack rats are the bane of our farm, and Jesse does his best to eliminate them!
Jesse loves children, but is aloof with strangers and does not approach them, rather stands back and announces their arrival.

PRGN Nice solid dog

~Sue Hogan

Sounds great! PRGN


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