American Working Farmcollie Association

Cimarron Hello Mary Lou 136 PRGN English Shepherd

November 11th, 2005
Health Clearances
Penn Hip .45/.45
Reproductive Status
60 lbs.
Elaine Reynolds, Cimarron English Shepherds
Felt OK
Mary Lou has lived with chickens guineas, sheep and has worked goats. She is a very willing dog with a strong sense of the rules and a strong desire to please. She seldom barks when herding, only works when needed and uses shouldering and upright posture. She often grips the nose or hock with a very light grip- never breaks the skin. She often returns escapees to their proper pen and always barks to alert people to escapees.
She will either push or gather, working to achieve the end result. She loves her goats and will protect them from intruders. Mary Lou loves to enforce the rules on her charges, keeping them where they belong in the daily routine.
Mary Lou eliminates pests and rodents.
Mary Lou loves children and protects her baby as she does her pups. She is very protective of her family. She is normally ready to make friends as soon as she is introduced, but she is not comfortable with strangers picking up the 9 month old baby, and lets them know it by low soft growling and eying them. She will not hesitate to confront strange intruders, but her mouth is very soft.

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