American Working Farmcollie Association

Cimarron Sweetheart of the Rodeo 57 PRGN English Shepherd

September 15th, 2003
Health Clearances
MDRI Mutant/Normal
Reproductive Status
49 lbs.
Elaine Reynolds
Felt OK
Sweetie is a dream of a chore dog.  She is marvelously content to lie around without causing problems until it is time for her to work.  She herds from dominance with such little pressure that the stock doesn’t know that she is moving them.  She never grips but rather uses dominance behaviors and body positioning to control the movement of the stock.  She is a wonderful poultry dog.  She works to keep everything in its proper place.  She knows her charges.  She will always avoid confrontation with the stock but is aggressive with predators.  Sweetie chases away predatory birds, stays home, and patrols the territory.  She announces the arrival of strangers but is not aggressive. She will hunt vermin but only with her owner, killing only when instructed to.
She is a very intelligent dog who will often express a different opinion than her owner.  Sweetie is often right.  She is a very dominant dog who holds the Alpha position with tenacity, determination, and diplomacy.


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