American Working Farmcollie Association

Shooter’s Ricochet Bailey 18 PRGN English Shepherd

October 31st, 2002
Health Clearances
Penn Hip .29/.29
OFA Good
Normal Elbows
Reproductive Status
70 lbs.
Kim Consol
Guinda CA
Bailey is an incredibly intelligent dog with a strong desire to keep order and protect his charges.  He has shown merit in herding abilities in both his on-the-farm chores and in herding lessons.  He works strange stock in a very dominant manner, first glaring at them with an upright, empirical posture and then following through with whatever force is needed.  Bailey is steadfast to the rules and enforces them on others.  Bailey insists that all stock stay in their proper place.  Chickens don’t belong in the horse pasture.  Horses don’t belong in the flowerbeds.  He is a slave to routine and will grow restless when chores aren’t done in a timely fashion.  He is distrusting of newly added stock.  He has protected his master from a cantankerous bull and will herd the chickens back in the coup when a hawk comes into sight.  He helped mother a bummer lamb.  When that lamb grew up it trusted Bailey so completely that traditional herding methods didn’t work.  Bailey decided to move the lamb by enticing it to follow him, sometimes picking up a toy for the lamb to follow.
He uses his brain.  Bailey is fairly trusting of visitors and does not always announce their arrival.  He is true to his territory, staying home to wait for a job.  He wants to please his master but is very opinionated on how to do so.  He likes other dogs, but will not tolerate strays on his yard.  He is exceedingly tolerant of children.

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