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Connor’s New Judy 108 PRG English Shepherd

December 10th, 2007
Reproductive Status
Mary Connor
Blufton, SC
Judy is extremely biddable and easily trained to rules and commands. She constantly searches her master’s face and tries to please in every way.
Judy works chickens. She helps to capture escapees by pouncing on them with her feet and will hold them as gently as possible to help return them to their proper place.
Judy keeps deer out of the garden, but she does not pursue them off of the territory. She prefers to drive intruders away rather than kill them. Her owner does not use her to hunt.
Judy loves children and makes an instant bond with babies. She can be overly attentive to toddlers.
Judy will announce all visitors with barking and low growling. She will greet heartily her friends, strangers must be introduced. She does not trust strangers and will take several minutes to accept them.

Sounds like a good match for chickens 🙂 PRG
~Judy Bates

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