American Working Farmcollie Association

Beebe’s Lola of Goochland 107 PRGN English Shepherd

November 19th, 2007
Reproductive Status
Shel Gooch, Asylum Farm
Juneau WI
Lola works sheep and poultry. She can easily move her flock of sheep by gathering, or driving- although she prefers to gather. Although she is very enthusiastic about everything, she is very gentle and nurturing with babies, and adjusts her herding to be gentle with them. She prefers to drive but will nip flanks and has special barks that she sometimes uses when herding stubborn ewes.
She is very biddable and will easily call off even though she would rather keep working them.
If given the opportunity Lola will start checking new places for mice.
Lola announces the arrival of strangers, but does not show aggression to them unless they pose a threat.

What a whole hearted sheep enthusiast she seems to be!
Sue Hogan

PRGN…. Sounds like a great dog who thrives on her job.
Judy Bates

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