American Working Farmcollie Association

Corley’s Jack O’ Hearts 66 PRGN English Shepherd

January 1st, 2004
Reproductive Status
70 lbs.
Bill Corley
Doniphan MO
Jack is the right hand man on his farm. He has learned all that he knows by tagging along and muddling through. The end result is a great dog who can think. He has a natural gather and will bring in the herd with the wave of his master’s arm. He will also drive when needed. He will sometimes grip but he varies his intensity to suit the situation. Jack is good with the poultry and does well with goats. He uses dominance behaviors when herding and seldom barks. He knows when the stock are out of place and he will return them to their proper pen.
Jack is intent on babies and likes to watch the birthing process. He makes friends out of the foals and they play together. He will guard his flock and territory fiercely. He faced off a coyote that was going after the hens in the hen house and he will bark at hawks. Although neighboring farms have stock as well, Jack is only concerned with his own.
Jack barks treed and is excellent at eliminating rodents. He is a moderately soft dog with opinions, but he mostly wants to please his master. He is cautious around unknown strangers but warms up quickly.

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