American Working Farmcollie Association

Cimarron Cheeky Galileo 65 PRGN English Shepherd

May 19th, 2005
Health Clearances
Penn Hip .50/.50
Moderate CHD
Reproductive Status
53 lbs.
Barbara Miketta
Lindlar Germany
Cheeky is an all-round farm dog who is very in-tune with routine and the status quo.  He is a super intelligent and seeks to maintain order, keeping his owner on track when he gets too busy visiting over the fence.  Cheeky works horses and cows best because of his gusto but as he matures he’s gaining more control with sheep and chickens.  He uses his bark to give instructions and will sometimes grips on the heel, hock, tail or nose.  He will go out to get the horses, bring them to the barn, put them in their pen and then SHUTS THE DOOR!
Cheeky is pleasant with strangers.  However, when a cow was calving, Cheeky sat near her and guarded the mother and calf from anyone who would come close.  He chases away predatory birds, stays within his territory, and gets along well with other well-mannered dogs.  He is a clown of a dog who is always good for a laugh, is energetic and always on the go.

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