American Working Farmcollie Association

Cimarron Peggy Sue 60 PRGN English Shepherd

May 19th, 2005
Health Clearances
Penn Hip .30/.26
MDRI Mutant/Normal
Reproductive Status
55 lbs.
Marcia Thaxton
Gurdon, AR
Peggy Sue is a top notch cow dog who moonlights as a chicken guardian and ace frisbee player.  She is a natural low heeler who is always ready to work but waits patiently until she is needed.  She varies her intensity to suit her owners’ command.  She has many tools including crouching, using, eye and also body posturing and shouldering.  She works close and seldom barks.  As she matures, she is becoming more gentle with poultry.  Peggy Sue is very curious about the calves but this behavior is not encouraged because it upsets the cows.  She chases coyotes away from the herd.  She seeks order and once chased the neighbors’ bull back home and put him in his pen.
Peggy Sue is a territorial dog who stays home, chases away predatory birds, and regularly patrols the perimeter.  She announces the arrival of strangers and resents intrusion of strange dogs.  Peggy Sue trees prey and routinely hunts pests.  She is a very willing fighter with large or vicious prey.  She knows squirrels don’t belong on the porch!  She has a mind of her own, but is fairly soft and responds well to her owners.

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