American Working Farmcollie Association

Camey’s Lass Keary 61 PRGN English Shepherd

November 15th, 2005
Reproductive Status
50 lbs.
Amanda Mwakiluma
Nora Springs IA
Keary hasn’t had a lot of chance to fulfill her farm potential but she has been able to prove herself in her limited experience.  She worked a pen of sheep at a clinic.  She herds in a crouching position and works in close.  She is a naturally exuberant dog with much energy, but she worked the sheep slowly and methodically with much forethought.
Keary is quite protective her her owners’ rabbits.  When other dogs approach the rabbits, Keary will step between them to keep the dogs away.  Keary is supremely gentle with children and uses gentle shouldering to keep them where they should be.  She knows the boundaries of her territory and stays there, resents intrusion of strange dogs, patrols the perimeter, and announces the arrival of strangers.
Keary trees squirrels but doesn’t stay at the tree, rather she tells her owner come look.  She hunts for mice and has chased off large ground hogs.  She is independent in thought but is trainable.  She gets along well with other dogs and is very tolerant of children.

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