American Working Farmcollie Association

Cut’n Loose Artful Dodger 145 PRG Australian Shepherd

December 5th, 2002
Reproductive Status
Sabine Martini-Hansske
Lautertal Germany
Dodger has worked goats, sheep, ducks, cattle.
Dodger likes to work light sheep, he hates to work ducks – too boring and is too soft to work heavy cattle.  He works goats together with his companion Sioux.  Dodger has a lot of natural balance and drive and works best on stock that responds to mental pressure only.  Dodger is a “soft” dog and may quit if harshly corrected or if facing challenging livestock.  He does his best work when left to work without direction or commands.  He knows his routines and the routines of the stock, he can work without supervision because he won’t get too rough with the stock, and on longer drives he is the dog that brings up the stragglers.
Dodger is keenly aware of the difference between his stock and strangers, and will protect his stock from strange dogs. He knows his territory and stays there, defending it against other predators.  He disciplines rule breakers and will make the other dogs obey if they ignore their master’s commands.
A moderately active dog, Dodger has no interest in prey and will bark a greeting to visitors.  He loves all people.


~Tish Toren

Dodger is by ASCA Hall of Fame sire

Cut’N Loose Mi-T-Tuff Outlaw

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