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Flyby’s Sassy Girl 146 PRGN English Shepherd

September 9th, 2007
Reproductive Status
Sabine Martini-Hansske
Lautertal, Germany
Sassy works “goats – daily because we keep goats for brush clearing; sheep – daily because we run some sheep with the goats; ducks on occasion for training purposes – dog sees no need to work ducks in a confined area.  She’s much more present around goats and will use moderate to strong pressure when needed.  She can also take back the pressure completely to work light sheep.  Because of the fact that we keep goats she has the most experience with that species.  She is willing to work cattle but I haven’t trained her properly on cattle yet due to lack of availability of dog-broken cattle in the area.”
Sassy seldom barks when herding, and always returns escapees to their pens.  Sassy used to move hesitant stock, when younger, by short jumping up the stocks back with her front legs, like a short shove.  She uses very little eye.
“We didn’t have baby livestock for several years but we help out at a dairy farm and when calves are born there, Sassy will watch over them and fight off the farm’s own dog.”
Sassy always watches her master’s back and demands that the livestock obey her master.  A moderately active dog, Sassy routinely hunts and eliminates rodents.  She knows the limits of her territory and stays there.
Sassy will announce a stranger and then stay back, observing the other three dogs in the pack and much later greet a stranger.


~Tish Toren

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