American Working Farmcollie Association

Finger Lakes Danny Boy 124 PRGN English Shepherd

February 8th, 2008
Reproductive Status
Rose Marie Belforti, Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery
King Ferry, NY
Danny works Dexter cattle. He only works when needed and is content to lie around as long as all is in order. He is very careful of the babies and treats them with care even when herding. But we do have several pens for yearlings, calves, and milkers, and daily we have to move these animals in and out. Danny knows the routine and they respect him. He does not get rough unless he needs to, and he obeys his master’s commands to slack off, to wait, to stop, and to go easy. He uses dominance behaviors to move the cattle and they respect him immensely.
Danny has no preference in driving or gathering, he is in tune to his master and immediate commands and in following the daily routine. In close quarters, he will nip the back end, even the neck, to move the cow. Danny insists that the livestock obey his master and always has his master’s back.
Danny hunts but would prefer to drive prey away than to kill it.
A moderately active dog, Danny is very biddable and devoted to his master.

Danny announces visitors enthusiastically but calls off quickly.

PRGN Strong in all areas.

~ Sue Hogan

PRGN !! Nice dog 🙂


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