American Working Farmcollie Association

Frederick Boxold III 168 PRGN Border Collie/Rough Collie

Call Name
February 20th, 2013
Health Clearances
OFA Excellent
MDR1 normal/normal
CEA normal-eyed carrier
DM carrier
TNS clear
CL clear
Reproductive Status
58 lbs.
Alison Weekley and Nicholas Boxold
Ft. Myers, FL
Freddy’s working balance is well-suited to a free range small farm situation.  His herding experience is primarily in sheep, with limited chicken experience.  He herds using dominant posture and occasionally a bit of crouching eye to move stock for his handler, but he shines best as a guardian.
While he prefers to survey the property from a vantage point close to the house, Freddy patrols regularly and only barks when there are visitors or pest animals to announce.  He keeps the peace between livestock, licks faces and bottoms, and tries his hardest to make friends with each individual animal. Though he enjoys socializing with his stock, he will keep them off his owner during feeding time.  He is friendly with visitors, but barks to announce their arrival and has also kept a threatening person from his owner by getting between them, growling and barking.
Freddy regularly hunts rabbits and small rodents.  He uses scent tracking when needed, but prefers to hunt by sight.

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