American Working Farmcollie Association

Roberson’s Tuxedo Jax 171 PRN English Shepherd/Rough Collie/GSD

Call Name
October 5th, 2016
Reproductive Status
75 lbs.
Patricia Hoskins
Edgewood, NM
Jax is a moderately-active ranch collie who mostly works with horses, though he’s gained experience with other stock via herding classes. He uses dominant posturing, shouldering and barking to make his charges mind, with grip to the hock or nose to move stubborn animals. When out on chores with his owner, he is protective and alerts to when his horses aren’t behaving.
While cautious of newcomers, Jax appropriately alerts to their presence without aggression. He patrols his property well, notifying his owner of loose horses and keeping vermin like coyotes at bay. He hunts mice in the barn, eliminating them as he is able.
A quick learner who is very biddable, Jax’s main focus is on people and he reads them well.

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