American Working Farmcollie Association

Old Time Shepherd’s Ella 143 PRGN English Shepherd

April 7th, 2010
Reproductive Status
Theresa Wojcik
Ketchikan, AK
Ella works daily with chickens geese turkeys and goats.  She uses dominant behavior and posture; she often barks when herding.  She never grips the livestock and will drive or gather.
Ella is in tune to the order and rules of the farm making the livestock mind and alerting her owners to anything amiss.  She loves the babies, rates her stock well when herding, and is very protective of the goat kids.  She is quite bossy and insists that her charges obey her owners’ rules and commands.
Ella is affectionate and protective of children and watches her owner’s back.  She observes predatory birds and chases them away.
Ella routinely hunts pests and eliminates them.  She uses tracking skills to find prey and problem-solve.
A moderately energetic dog, Ella is opinionated but trainable and generally gets along well with other dogs.
Ella does not like strangers in her territory, but is not really aggressive.  She will try and move them where she thinks they should be.

My kinda dog. PRGN

~Tish Toren

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