American Working Farmcollie Association

RC Maxmillian 48 PRN Australian Shepherd/Queensland Heeler

Reproductive Status
35 lbs.
Shauna Thomure
Pinon Hills CA
Max is a very intense dog with significant herding drive.  He works with horses, sheep, goats and geese on his home farm.  He learned how to herd by tagging along and listening to her master’s cues.  He demands that baby livestock stay in line and in their proper pen.
Max is extremely protective and will put his whole heart into defending his territory, killing threatening snakes, and
keeping stray dogs at bay.  He has treed prey and will hunt and eliminate pests.
He is a very active dog.  Due to his drive, energy, and tendency to travel, he cannot be left alone unattended.  Max is an independent dog who is exceptionally dependable.

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