American Working Farmcollie Association

Sasha Ann Moore 47 PRGN Rough Collie

May 28th, 2002
Health Clearances
OFA Fair
Masked affected for CEA
MDRI Mutant/Mutant
Reproductive Status
60 lbs.
Merry Cearley
Port Angeles WA
Sasha is strong in livestock guardian ability and territorial guarding. She considers herself the loving mother and protector of all babies. She is a competent hunter, dispatching rodents and pests. She excels at  discerning between her pack and prey.  Sasha is a sufficient herder. Though not tested on large stock, she is capable of moving her poultry with gentle nose prodding and body positioning.
Sasha is moderately soft, but independent-minded. She enjoys human interaction, but also likes to be alone with her charges. She gets along with dogs, but is dominant on her own territory. She calmly announces the arrival of strangers.

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