American Working Farmcollie Association

Egertsen’s Copperfield 55 PRG English Shepherd

May 10th, 2004
Health Clearances
Penn Hip .27/.27
MDRI Mutant/Normal
Reproductive Status
63 lbs.
Peg Egertsen
Laurens IA
Copper is a gentleman.  He excels at pleasing his owner without needing instruction.  He herds sheep in a slow, methodical way but will apply pressure if it is needed.  He keeps the free-range chickens out of restricted areas.  If the sheep escape, he will return them.  He herds the chickens in a nonchalant way so they don’t scatter.  Copper uses a dominant eye and body positioning to control the sheep.  He will nose the chickens along.  Copper tends the chicks, checking on them regularly.
He keeps they coyotes at bay.  He trees prey and will kill sparrows in the chicken coup because he knows they don’t belong there.  He will sniff out rats and other varmints and dispatch of them.  He is not good with cats.  He is a moderately soft dog who corrects easily and wants to please.  Copper is a friendly dog, but he will keep his distance with strangers until his owners tell him they are “okay.”

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