American Working Farmcollie Association

Toby of Seldom Rest Farm 122 PRGN English Shepherd

August 8th, 2008
Reproductive Status
Trina Manus
Vienna MD
Toby only works when needed and is content to lie around as long as all is in order. He is very careful of the babies and treats them with care even when herding.
Preferring to drive stock away rather than to gather, Toby seldom barks when herding and often grips the livestock on the hock. Toby insists that the livestock obey his master and always has his master’s back.
Toby always announces about livestock that have escaped their pens and works independently to return them there. By the age of 10 months Toby had killed groundhogs and a fox. He routinely hunts and eliminates rodents.
A moderately active dog, that is content to lie around when there is nothing to do Toby is ready in an instant to accompany his master and help with whatever task is at hand. He listens to direction and is not easily discouraged.
He does not show aggression toward strangers.

Nice & solid. I particularly liked the attention to tracking & scenting skills, which most folks I feel miss. I also like that he takes care of the babies when herding. PRGN

~ Sue Hogan

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