American Working Farmcollie Association

Weekley’s Wren 162 PRGN Border Collie

Call Name
June 1st, 2009
Health Clearances
OFA hips Fair
MDR1 normal/normal
TNS clear
CL clear
CEA normal-eyed noncarrier
DM mutant/normal
Reproductive Status
35 lbs.
Alison Weekley
Ft. Myers, FL
Wren is the kind of farmcollie who prefers to let her handler call the shots.  She’s moderately active, and laid back around livestock unless her owner wants them moved. Wren comfortably herds sheep and goats using upright herding tactics with occasional eye for stubborn stock, but sometimes lunges while moving flappy chickens and ducks.  She’s good at varying her pressure to suit the flight zones of different animals once she’s been properly introduced. 
Wren will gently nurture baby animals and children, but she will also enthusiastically protect her handler from crowding livestock.  Strangers are greeted with barking and avoidance until they are introduced.  She understands when other animals are behaving inappropriately and will fetch her owner to deal with the situation.  She brings items that people have dropped to them. 
Wren routinely tracks down and eliminates small rodents without eating them. 


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