American Working Farmcollie Association

Moon Valley Wildwood Flower 121 PRGN English Shepherd

August 31st, 2008
Reproductive Status
Jan Calloway Baxter
Tulsa OK
Luna has only had the opportunity to work chickens. She will sniff and lick baby chickens and treat them with special care when moving them.
Luna uses tracking skills to hunt vermin, but she is more interested in driving them away than in killing them.
She protects the chickens from predators, neighboring cats and predatory birds.
Luna is easy to train but can be opinionated. She is good with other dogs, but she is the boss!
Luna is very bonded to her family. She is watchful of her master’s back and will protect children from strangers.

~I do love a bossy dog… PRGN

Judy Bates

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