American Working Farmcollie Association

Sweet Lamint of Shepherd’s Way 86 PRN English Shepherd

Call Name
September 4th, 2005
Health Clearances
Penn Hip .24/.24
Cerf Clear
MDR1 Normal/Normal
Reproductive Status
40 lbs.
Bert Jager
Alanson MI
Pearl is a territorial girl with a strong desire to hunt and keep her yard free of all gophers and ground squirrels. She is very protective of her property, barking heartily at visitors until told not to.
She has had some exposure to sheep in a formal training setting and possesses some instinct. She has gotten to work with cattle at a sale barn on a few occasions, where she looked to her owner for instruction and confidence.
Pearl has had no exposure to newborn or young livestock and cannot be assessed for guardian nature. She is fairly soft. Pearl needs a calm, assured handler whom she can trust. She was purchased as an adult after being rehomed by her original owner and breeder. Pearl had a rocky upbringing where she displayed excessive aggression when she felt her home, territory and pups were threatened. However, she rebounded well with a new home and more self-assured handlers whom she trusted.

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