American Working Farmcollie Association

Blacksheep Finn McCool 135 PRGN English Shepherd

April 3rd, 2006
Health Clearances
Penn Hip .39/.39
MDR1 Normal/Normal
Reproductive Status
68 lbs.
Judy Bates
Whiteford MD

Finn has worked both chickens and goats.  He does well with the chickens, very gentle but he enjoys the physicality of working the goats a lot more.  He never barks when herding, only works when needed and uses shouldering and upright posture.  He often grips the neck.  He often returns escapees to their proper pen and always barks to alert people to escapees.

His owner states:

“I have seen him get rolled around under the feet of a 250lb. goat, probably 3 rotations worth. He jumped up didn’t even take time to shake himself off before he was right back running alongside flanking the goat and gripping. Finn is extremely protective of his humans from the stock, and likes to be between us and them if at all possible. We refer to him and my other ES as the “Secret Service” where my youngest son is concerned. If he goes outside, the dog will stop anything else he might be doing and lay by his side. If my son is swinging on the swing this dog and my other dog are laying next to the swingset facing in opposite directions scanning both directions for possible predators, boogeymen, I’m not quite sure what…but whatever they are they’re not getting near my son!”

Finn barks treed, sometimes standing on the tree and hunts and eliminates pests and rodents.

“Finn is a wonderful combination of grit and biddability. Finn adores people more than any dog I have ever had – he is extremely attuned to me and my mood, sometimes he knows I’m upset before I do and will come up and lay his head on my lap while making eye contact. He is usually within 20 feet of me at all times when inside.”

Wow… Can I have him? LOL, great farmdog, PRGN!

-Tish Toren

“Wow! Sounds like magic! PRGN”


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