American Working Farmcollie Association

Blacksheep Rowdy Yates 132 PRGN English Shepherd

January 15th, 2007
Health Clearances
Penn Hip .35/.22
Reproductive Status
65 lbs.
Tish Toren, Blacksheep Homestead
Rock Stream NY
Rowdy works sheep, goats, cattle, equines, hogs, and poultry.
He rates stock extremely well and will be as tough or as gentle as the situation calls for! Rowdy has no preference to drive or gather and will apply the most useful strategy as it is called for. He grips if it is needed – depends on stock; bite inhibited and patient with sheep, goats, poultry & babies, nips/grips freely with cattle, bites hard and shows a lot of stock aggression when working adult hogs.
A devoted dog that always has his master’s back, Rowdy can work all the above but is outstanding when the situation needs discernment, as with sheep with young lambs.
Although he has not had an opportunity to tree game, Rowdy shows a large amount of hunting behavior, eliminates pests etc.
Rowdy is an extremely devoted and reliable young children’s guardian, keeping them in sight and away from perceived dangers ( creek, road, getting too far from home) He is tolerant of other dogs, even other intact males, if told to leave them alone. He is initially reserved with strangers and will deter trespassers, but warms up rapidly to those his owner tells him are “ok” and once comfortable with them seeks attention.

That’s a lot of dog! PRGN ~ Judy Bates                       More about Rowdy

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